The Pat Boone Fan Club

The Pat Boone Fan Club

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Gentile reader, and you, Jews, come too. Follow Sue William Silverman, a one-woman cultural mash-up, on her exploration of identity among the mishmash of American idols and ideals that confuse most of usa€”or should. Pat Boone is our first stop. Now a Tea Party darling, Boone once shone as a squeaky-clean pop music icon of normality, an antidote for Silvermana€™s own confusing and dangerous home, where being a Jew in a Christian school wasna€™t easy, and being the daughter of the Anti-Boone was unspeakable. And yet somehow Silverman found her way, a a€œgefilte fish swimming upstream, a€ and found her voice, which in this searching, bracing, hilarious, and moving book tries to make sense of that most troubling American condition: belonging, but to what? Picking apricots on a kibbutz, tramping cross-country in a loathed Volkswagen camper, appearing in a made-for-television version of her own life: Silverman is a bobby-soxer, a baby boomer, a hippy, a lefty, and a rebel with something to say to those of usa€”most of usa€”still wondering what to make of ourselves.During the night, pollen from loblollies settled over my vw, green mingling with red dusty clay, like a pointillist painting. ... the Partridge Restaurant, established in 1933, its neon sign mute, unblinking; Essermana#39;s department store shrinking outanbsp;...

Title:The Pat Boone Fan Club
Author:Sue William Silverman
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 2014-03-01


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