The Passion of the Hausfrau

The Passion of the Hausfrau

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Behold, brave readers! Herein lies the first epic heroa€™s journey told by a mothera€“the Hausfrau, whose odyssey is a 24/7 adventure of pandemonium, sleep deprivation, madness, and transcendence. But beware! This journey is not for the faint of heart, as Nicole Chaison (a.k.a. the Hausfrau) boldly demonstrates in this brilliantly witty and vivid graphic memoir. The Hausfrau weaves a tale of sidesplitting trials and addresses age-old questions: Does a good mother have to give up her own dreams? What is a good mother, anyway? And is there a bathing suit that will fit her gargantuan behind? And so the journey unfolds, illuminating all things mommy, including a€c The Laborynth: an intricate maze of hormones, exhaustion, and ego struggles. a€c the BjAprn Conspiracy: Can a mother go to the bathroom with a slumbering newborn tethered to her chest? a€c Monsterfrau moments: Hell hath no fury like a sleep- and serotonin-deprived Hausfrau. a€c the Unhip Mama: Piercings, spiky hair, and tattoos do not a trendy mama make. a€c a Hausfrau Holiday Bake-off: yet another portrait Norman Rockwell forgot to paint. Fiercely funny, wholly original, and sure to be recognizable to mothers everywhere, The Passion of the Hausfrau is filled with the messiness, meltdowns, mayhem, and bliss of modern motherhood. NOTE: Due to image content, this eBook is best viewed with larger screen-size devices.Cfjree: Clje Cale of Hoto 3ft Came to pe tljat 3 Cleaned Jlaggots; (^ut from WLnim tfte Cober of a Car Hagt;eat up earip autumn, tljc foul obor in our Subaru Forester became intolerable. ... We removed a few apple cores, wedged behind the kidsa#39; car seats, as well as a sippy cup with contents so putrid that we tossed it ... There, lodged deep within the Britaxa#39;s plastic frame, was the mother lode of putrescence.

Title:The Passion of the Hausfrau
Author:Nicole Chaison
Publisher:Villard - 2013-03-13


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