The Paranormal Explained

The Paranormal Explained

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Dr. Sean O'Donnell is possibly the only 'hard' scientist ever, to have developed deep intuition competence quite deliberately. This unique symbiosis then readily affords a radical new viewpoint which can make large regions of paranormal experience quite easy to understand. The new 'anti-memory' or 'pre-call' viewpoint can readily demystify much of the previously mysterious experience of intuition - while bringing the paranormal into congruence with normal science as never before. Specifically it permits a first ever psychological exploration of Einstein's Theory of Relativity - which broadly holds that qTime does not pass, though people do!q This book is written in a very simple style to be accessible to all. So that if you've ever experienced intuition and wondered what it might signify, you'll find a startling new answer here.And because both are so intimately connected, his further postulate of Absolute Time then becomes equally untenable. Einstein further ... For example in Diagram 18.1, Jack and Jill are located to either side of a golfing green. Whence theyanbsp;...

Title:The Paranormal Explained
Author:Sean O'Donnell - 2007-09-01


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