The Order of the Phoenix Park

The Order of the Phoenix Park

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When Twenty Major's friend, record-shop-owner Tom O' Farrell is brutally shot in the stomach, his dying act was to scrawl the number 60 in blood on his chest and dial Twenty's number into his phone. When Twenty is called to the scene of the crime he hasn't a clue why Tom was trying to contact him or what the hell the number 60 means. But himself and Tom go back a long way and he vows to find Tom's killer. Then things take a turn for the worse: Folkapalooza is announced - a massive free concert due to take place in the Phoenix Park with headlining acts Damien Rice, James Blunt and David Gray. Something is wrong, really wrong. Why are people obsessed with Folkapalooza? What has turned the Goths outside the Central Bank into acoustic loving drips? Who is the ginger albino and how does it all link to Tom? Can Twenty, Jimmy the Bollix, Stinking Pete, Dirty Dave, Lucky and even Ron himself, save the people of Dublin and, less importantly, the rest of Ireland, from a fate that is, quite literally, worse than death? And solve a murder along the way?Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari again, Lotus, Jaguar. Then some fucker spoiled it by going past in a Ford Mondeo. Jesus. The tables around us were busy, and ... Or instruction manual. You cannot just read me.

Title:The Order of the Phoenix Park
Author:Twenty Major
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-08-16


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