The Number One Princess

The Number One Princess

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Her mother, while loving and caring to her children, was the ruthless and cunning, Hayee Hellcat, Queen Ramala. Queen Ramala, with the help of her Butchers, took over of tribal lands, forming her own kingdom, called the House of Ra. Her father, the Butcher Dan the Destroyer, was the womanizing Heathen King of Ra. The King won battles for his Queen, while always finding time for his own personal adventures. Named after her mother, the Ra, Ramala was the first born girl to the King and Queen of Ra. She, along with her sibling, were taught and trained by her mother in survival techniques, as well as Ruling protocol. This was done to insure their survival, in a time of tribal warfare, when most everyone would do whatever it took to become the next Ruling clan. Little Ramala loved the way her mother ordered people around and wanted to do the same. Having to live with some of the most unruly sibling, in the history of siblings, Little Ramala used ruling protocol to help her deal with them. After getting positive results, she quickly used ruling protocol on maids, servants and anyone else she could. Little Ramala was a daddy's girl and was spoiled by her father. Every little girl is a princess in her father's eyes. Living and growing up in a warring society, where she witnessed treachery, deceit, murder and mayhem, young Ramala quickly learned the ways of the world. Using the motley crew of her siblings, along with everything she learned from her mother, young Ramala decided to let everyone know that, after what they did for their Queen, they were expected to do what she wanted, after that. Everyone quickly learned, until she became Queen, she was the Number One Princess.Everyone quickly learned, until she became Queen, she was the Number One Princess.

Title:The Number One Princess
Author:Robert Davis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08


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