The Nine-Eyed Agate

The Nine-Eyed Agate

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The Nine-Eyed Agate seeks to break stereotyped images of Tibet and Tibetans inside the PRC today, and in the diaspora, by presenting an outstanding personality who survived childhood during the Cultural Revolution, then going on to lead a rich and somewhat controversial career within the PRC. As a free-wheeling, restless traveller in samsara (the cycle of existence), Jangbu has explored every corner of the Tibetan plateau with a view to understanding the culture and history of his people, their plight, and the key issues that Tibet faces today. Widely read in world literature through Chinese translation he has traveled around the world, attending international poetry meetings and film festivals, taking part in university conferences and developing his passion for film. This rich diversity is reflected in his poems and prose, the subject matter ranging through eternal themes such as love and betrayal, fantasy and 'magical realism', mystical flight and biting social satire. His poetry is experimental, presenting a panorama of styles with examples in modern free-verse, classical Indo-Tibetan metrical poetics (though this is rare), and more characteristically, in the dense qobscureq poetry of the post-Cultural Revolution years in China (1980s onwards), for which Jangbu is particularly well known. His work is often semi-autobiographical, written in a qdocu-fictionalq mode, announcing Jangbu's growing fascination for the screen.a€œMA LA YAa€a€”PRAISE TO THE MOTHER (AN ACROSTIC POEM)8 Tasty good woman who has sugar on her tongue White-toothed woman in whose mouth all sounds sweet Soft-fleshed woman, though knowing her well I never ... She has no foundation where lies can enter How heavy for her this extremely light poem She, in perfect harmony with absolute truth She, more astonishing even than the Lama.

Title:The Nine-Eyed Agate
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2010-08-04


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