The Night Air War

The Night Air War

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Of the 7, 953 Bomber Command aircraft lost on night operations during the Second World War, an estimated 5, 833 fell victim to Luftwaffe night fighters. In this detailed re-enactment of the air war over Western Europe and the raids flown by the men of RAF Bomber Command, the author has pieced together official data and the words and memories of the pilots and air crew who participated in the proceedings. Across fifteen chapters, many unique experiences are regaled, enlivening the history of the night bombing raids that were hurled against Hitler's war machine during the latter half of the Second World War. They span the period between November 1943 and 1945 and cover the encounters between the Luftwaffe and RAF Bomber Command during their heyday. 'No Operation Was Easy' was a commonly coined phrase amongst this group who, night after night, struck out at targets such as the 'The Big City' (Berlin), Stuttgart and the Ruhr. These truly epic stories, gleaned from the memories of the men who made up Bomber Command, serve as an appropriate epitaph to their collective effort.A jack and manual force was used to lift the car enough to get me out from underneath. ... The next phase in my young years was when I heard that the Ford Motor Company was taking on young lads to work in the ancillary ... seemed imminent, so a measure of mobilisation took place and a few experienced men disappeared from the workshop I was in. ... The orders for the immediate mobilisation of all Territorial and Reserve Forces were ordered and at 11 am on Sunday morning, anbsp;...

Title:The Night Air War
Author:Martin W. Bowman
Publisher: - 2015-07-31


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