The New Science and Jesuit Science

The New Science and Jesuit Science

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Until recently, the contribution of the Society of Jesus to the Scientific Revolution remained sketchy at best, as the perception of the Jesuits as plodding pedagogues and obscurantists sanctioned the disregard of their activities. The present volume makes an important contribution toward a more nuanced appreciation of the Jesuits' interaction with qmodernityq, and a far greater recognition of their contribution to the two poles of modern science: the mathematization of natural philosophy and experimental science. The six essays provide a cross-section of the complex Jesuit encounter with the mathematical sciences during the seventeenth century, as well as a factor in the quandary faced by practitioners in their pursuit of science and in their ability to make their research public.Despite Favaroa#39;s opinion, it seems unlikely that this libel is attributable to Biancani, a€œIntorno al Problema di Mantova sulla#39;altezza dei monti lunari, a€ Atti e memorie ... Another scholar identifies the author of the Problem of Mantua as Mario Bettini.

Title:The New Science and Jesuit Science
Author:Mordechai Feingold
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2003


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