The New Korea

The New Korea

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In 1953, South Korea was rated by the U.N. as the poorest country in the world. Five decades later, it is the fifteenth largest economy. Now, South Koreaa€™s decisions on how to manage its society and its role as a modern democracya€”while also establishing its policy regarding reunification with North Koreaa€”will determine where the country will go in the next fifty years. The New Korea examines the political, economic, industrial, and societal aspects of Korea today. Will it continue to enjoy an economic boom through new industries while competing against low-wage countries like China and India? Will it return to its role as a stomping ground for other powers? And what should Westerners pay attention to in terms of investment and business opportunities? As South Korea enters the most critical phase of its journey, it is crucial that we understand the factors involving its decisions and evolution. The New Korea is a fascinating account of what is and may become the state of this important region.Hyundai also is developing alternative fuel vehicles, including the Elantra LPI Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The compact sedan, unveiled in ... But even with the critically acclaimed Genesis, the company understands its brand problem. Whereas theanbsp;...

Title:The New Korea
Author:Myung Oak KIM, Sam JAFFE
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2010-04-30


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