The New Deal

The New Deal

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The New Deal for Election 2008 represents plans and commitment in leadership of our nation. It is a set of blue prints for our strategic future with the message to leave no American behind. It is still needed even more today. Its focus is on the reform of the government with respect to the information age, the economy in order to bring it into the 21st century, and provide personal empowerment in a secure nation that has workable foreign policy. We can pay back the over burdened foreign debt without major cost to the taxpayer, bring momentum back into our economy, return industry to US soil, build strong labor unions, and have personal empowerment when it comes to having real health care, employment, and good educational systems. The nation is moved by the people's voice. As being a blue print, in voting for the New Deal in November 2008, it's do-able, and that's the bottom line.If the market collapses, then perhaps the advocates of this lopsided economic model might ask a#39;who could believe that it could have happened ? ... The level of debt is greater than in Hoovera#39;s time which ended in the Stock Market crash.

Title:The New Deal
Author:Orion Karl Daley
Publisher:The New Deal - 2007-06


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