The New Chicago

The New Chicago

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For generations, visitors, journalists, and social scientists alike have asserted that Chicago is the quintessentially American city. Indeed, the introduction to qThe New Chicagoq reminds us that to know America, you must know Chicago. The contributors boldly announce the demise of the city of broad shoulders and the transformation of its physical, social, cultural, and economic institutions into a new Chicago. In this wide-ranging book, twenty scholars, journalists, and activists, relying on data from the 2000 census and many years of direct experience with the city, identify five converging forces in American urbanization which are reshaping this storied metropolis. The twenty-six essays included here analyze Chicago by way of globalization and its impact on the contemporary city; economic restructuring; the evolution of machine-style politics into managerial politics; physical transformations of the central city and its suburbs; and race relations in a multicultural era. In elaborating on the effects of these broad forces, contributors detail the role of eight significant racial, ethnic, and immigrant communities in shaping the character of the new Chicago and present ten case studies of innovative governmental, grassroots, and civic action. Multifaceted and authoritative, qThe New Chicagoq offers an important and unique portrait of an emergent and new Windy City.Now that Chicagoa#39;s combined population of blacks (36.7 percent) and Mexicans ( 18 percent) is greater than 54 percent, several ... with Marxism often presented as a primary example. ... blacks or whites would have to move to create census tracts with the same balance as the metropolitan Race Relations Chicago Style 91.

Title:The New Chicago
Author:John P. Koval
Publisher:Temple University Press - 2006


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