The Natural Guide to Bali

The Natural Guide to Bali

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Experience and explore the Islands of the Gods - naturally. This guidebook leads the traveller away from the busy beaches and tourist traps to exquisite rice paddies and pristine seashores. The Natural Guide to Bali is the first of a series of guide books dedicated to the appreciation and respect of nature and people. Brought to you by the Bumi Kita Foundation, the book is written by a team of ecologists and anthropologists with contributions by Balinese journalists, sociologists and artists who cast a loving but critical eye over their island. Discover the best of Bali's diving, surfing, sailing, hiking and bird watching. Read about treks to mysterious temples, hidden waterfalls and active volcanoes. Meet the people of Bali at work and play in their own villages. Learn the secrets of Balinese dancing, gong playing, painting and cooking. The Natural Guide to Bali is packed with stunning photos, maps and essays by some of the most well-known Bali insiders. This fascinating guidebook also includes accurate and detailed descriptions of over 300 boutique hotels, family homestays, eco-lodges and friendly cafes.areas, you can also purchase a pre-paid phone card allowing you to call abroad at a discount price - a good idea ... To dial a number abroad, add 008 or 001 in front of the country code. Bali has a good GSM network, except in some rural areas. Bring your mobile phone, and check with your phone operator if your roaming options allow you to make and receive ... A better option is to buy a pre- paid SIM card from one of the local GSM operators such as Telkomsel, ProXL, or Satelindo.

Title:The Natural Guide to Bali
Author:Anne Gouyon
Publisher:Equinox Pub - 2005-01


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