The Naked Truth 2

The Naked Truth 2

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A true New Yorker, Jules Ferguson serves as an active-duty Sailor in the United States Navy, and now calls Virginia home. After successfully overcoming many of lifea€™s challenges, Jules Ferguson humbly recaps a compilation of successful life lessons that he has learned through trial and error and cohesively pieced them together as a potential guide for self-development. In his darkest hour Jules Ferguson decided to reach out to Christianity and church for the answers in which he so desperately sought. And after finding some answers in church, but not others, even though he faithfully followed religious text to the letter, he felt seriously short-changed which led to a moment of clarity. Finally, after coming to a realization about whata€™s at stake regarding his salvation, and desperately wanting to get it right this time Jules became determined to find out the truth a€“for himself; which ultimately led him toward the pathway of Enlightenment a€“Oneness with himself and God.Re-kindle the spark of whatever it is that lights up inside of you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Reach whatever it is that will make you get to the point where you feel, do, say, experience, touch, see, taste, and hear the melody oflife and each ... That, my friends, is a a€œwinninga€ life. Life is a challenge, a game if you will. Play it. So what if you fail a few times, you can always restart the game.

Title:The Naked Truth 2
Author:Jules Ferguson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-08-29


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