The Mystery of Shadow Lake

The Mystery of Shadow Lake

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Come along on the first adventures of Chris and Luke, or as they would eventually be known, the 'Legend Busters.' You will be there as they meet for the first time and form a partnership that will uncover countless secrets that remained unresolved for years until these two brave youngsters combined their inquisitive minds. One such mystery was that of Shadow Lake. It had long been known that there were strange occurrences around its murky waters, but the boys would not be satisfied until they found out why. Does the lake really have a strange resident? What was behind the unexplained disappearances? Who is the lady in the white gown? Join the boys as they dare to question what no one before them ever had. They will solve clue after clue in their quest to uncover the truth. Will they come to regret their discovery? Be there and find out for yourself!Do you know how to use a clutch?a€ a€œYea, a€ I said. a€œIta#39;s one up and 3 down, a€ Luke instructed. a€œNo problem!a€ I responded. Now of course I had never been on anything larger than my little mini 50, but I wasna#39;t about to let that keep me from tryinganbsp;...

Title:The Mystery of Shadow Lake
Author:Craig D. Burrus
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-06-01


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