The Mystery of Easter Island

The Mystery of Easter Island

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Year 2099. The archaeologists, who have been working on Easter Island for many years, try to disclose the mystery, a sacred object that the island natives identify with this term and they intend to hide to the rest of the world. The CIA has now pushed the holders of the island, the Chileans, to surrender this overseas possession to the United States because they intend to put a very sinister and dark plan into actions. Why does the most powerful nation of the globe is so interested to a so small and meaningless island? Meanwhile a turning point can be glimpsed in the investigations of the archaeologists that seem to follow the right way to discover the mystery of Easter Island by now, but their adventure will be long and tortuous, full of traps.Patrick and Alicia warmly discussed, while Mercedes wrote and sometimes stopped to think. alt;alt;Hey, Marioagt;agt; the enthusiastic Cuban ... These recalled to her very much the maximum pontiffs of the ancient Rome in monarchic and archaic republican age. The bilingual tablet discovered in Ahu Vinapu represented a declaration of war between Incas and long ears. Taking note of the new testimonies, theanbsp;...

Title:The Mystery of Easter Island
Author:Marco Di Caprio - 2008-10-04


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