The Mystery Hotel

The Mystery Hotel

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Computer mogul Johnny Ornelas escapes the corporate life to settle down on the beautiful island of Saipan. He buys a luxury hotel and plans to make a life in his new, tropical climate. Then he hears the rumors. Apparently, ghosts haunt his dream hotela€”ghosts that make noise and bother customers. But the ghosts aren't the only problem. Mystery surrounds the hotel, too, as Johnny discovers reports of people who have gone missing from inside the hotel. Is there something supernatural haunting Johnny's guests ... or is it something much more human? Prostitution, gambling, and drugs run rampant on the island, due to the influences of the odious gang known as the Japanese Yakuza, and also by a Chinese Tong and several local criminal types. They may have something to do with the murders at the hotel. Johnny calls in reinforcementsa€”a private investigator, a retired Los Angeles Sheriff 's sergeant, and even an FBI agent. Together, they might be able to solve the mysteries. Johnny can't help but make time for love. The hotel's attorney, Jan Nan, has caught his attention. She's pretty, ambitious, and focuseda€”more so on her job than on a relationship. Johnny doesn't give up easily, though. He is committed to solving the mysteries and stopping the violence at his hotel. Most importantly, he is determined to eliminate the gangs and save the island paradise he calls home.After watching him for a year, I do believe he is trying to turn his life around . . . or getting more prepared for his next robbery. ... Pro quo quid, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. ... Who will hire an exa€”con and my parole wona#39;t allow me to leave the islands? The parole ofiicer will be holding my passport.a€ a€œIfyoua#39;re straight with me, and keep up your GED and prep for the future, Ia#39;ll hire you at our hotel.

Title:The Mystery Hotel
Author:Joe Race
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-02


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