The Mutiny - The Actions of Captain Zannuck

The Mutiny - The Actions of Captain Zannuck

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Written for all ages. Captain Tim Zannuck and Lt. Tee Binnet will break away from the brutal Colar homeworld. There search for a better, longer life, will take them to worlds they never imagined. During this journey they will meet four people from earth who will teach them what it means to be human. This isna€™t an easy transition as a parasitic alien race will try to enslave the new population. And, the Colar were not overlooked as their own people will try to make an example of the treacherous officers and crew. Earth does not escape this journey, as a former secret service agent and his wife will aid the freedom seeking Colar. Together they will create a new world with freedoms unknown to the ship workers of the lone Colar battle cruiser. Suitable for all ages, this is a story of adventure and discovery, as freedom is never free.The Service Building also carried the Sheriffa#39;s Department Dispatch Center at the southern end, while the General ... Completely forgetting about the object in his car, Randy said good night to David and walked out the door. David also secured his area and closed down for the weekend. Walking out to the parking lot, David noticed the black Ford Edge leave the driveway and head toward the main street.

Title:The Mutiny - The Actions of Captain Zannuck
Author:Scott C. Anderson
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-03-20


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