The Musician's Ultimate Picture Chord Encyclopedia

The Musician's Ultimate Picture Chord Encyclopedia

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This comprehensive reference work illustrates chords in all common forms from basic major to 13-flat-5-flat-9, grouped by root note and presented alphabetically. Each page in the encyclopedia contains one chord displayed at different positions on the guitar. Large, clear photographs show each chord position from the player's point of view, creating a comfortable familiar perspective conducive to recognition and comprehension. Each page also features large guitar fretboard diagrams, a keyboard layout graphic, and a diatonic grid depicting roots, thirds, fifths, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, and thirteenths used for that particular chord. the combination of all of these components creates a cross-reference to which all the members of the band can relate, helping them communicate musically.Selecting the chords to be used in this book and creating their appropriate diagrams, fingerings and neck positions involved sifting through seemingly endless volumes of guitar and keyboard chord charts. The guitar chord diagrams whichanbsp;...

Title:The Musician's Ultimate Picture Chord Encyclopedia
Author:David Atkinson
Publisher:Mel Bay Publications - 2010-10-07


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