The Most Dangerous Cinema

The Most Dangerous Cinema

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People hunting people for sport--it's an idea both shocking and fascinating. In 1924 Richard Connell published a short story that introduced this concept to the public zeitgeist, where it has remained embedded ever since--as evidenced by the many big- and small-screen adaptations and inspirations. Since its publication, Connell's award-winning qThe Most Dangerous Gameq has been continuously anthologized and studied in classrooms throughout America. Raising questions about the nature of violence and cruelty, and the ethics of hunting for sport, the thrilling story spawned a new cinematic subgenre, beginning with RKO's 1932 production of The Most Dangerous Game, and continuing right up into the new millennium with 2004's The Eliminator. The Most Dangerous Cinema examines in-depth all the cinematic adaptations of the iconic short story, with each film chapter containing the following subsections: qSynopsis, q qHow 'Dangerous' Is It?, q qAnalysis, q qProduction History, q and qCredits.q Photos, a bibliography, and four appendices (qAlmost Dangerous Games, q qDangerous Game Shows and Deadly Diversions, q qDangerous Alien Games, q and qTelevision Adaptations and Inspirationsq) are included.What has the legendary Greek myth of the Hydra have to do with a€œThe Most Dangerous Gamea€? ... same folks who brought us Frankenfish (2004), SharkMan (2005), and Rock Monster (2008), among many other paper-thin slices of small- screen cheese. ... (This begs the questiona€”how does one find four billionaires with not only a deep personal tragedy in their recent past and a thirst for vengeance soanbsp;...

Title:The Most Dangerous Cinema
Author:Bryan Senn
Publisher:McFarland - 2013-10-29


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