The Morning Glory Gang

The Morning Glory Gang

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Three local businessmen recruit Jason Eisenberg, a market savvy high school teacher, to guide their stock investment club. After much success, Jason is fired for trading during class time, so he becomes a day-trader. The club rides the wave of Tech Stocks to make a million. On the day the NASDAQ tumbles, however, Jason freezes at the controls and loses it all. As an afterthought, he robs a bank to meet his margin call. Soon they all join in, robbing banks on their way to work. The Atlanta press dubs them The Morning Glory Gang, and what begins as an act of desperation becomes a high stakes game as the robberies become more frequent and more violent. All goes well with the gang until Annabelle Whaley enters the picture. Belle, an African American detective, was just passed over for a promotion and she is spoiling for a fight.As Mahaffey nosed the Taurus down M. L. King toward Cunninghama#39;s pool hall, a brand-new deep burgundy Lexus LS430 pulled away from the curb and into the flow of traffic. The body of the big luxurious car was trimmed in gold and its tiresanbsp;...

Title:The Morning Glory Gang
Author:Pat Patterson - 2006-07-01


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