The Monster Hunter's Manual

The Monster Hunter's Manual

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Gabriel is a boy who has just lost everything. His parents have died and he's forced to move to a strange country, France, to find a new home. He dislikes his crazy aunt, who he has to live with, he doesn't want to learn French, and to make matters worse, the only real family he has left is his whiny baby brother. Despite all this, as soon as Gabriel enters his aunt's ancient castle, he realizes that all these disasters might be the beginning of a grand adventure. In the castle of Chateau Larcher, the walls groan and the attic talks. Shadows take on strange shapes and Gabriel becomes convinced the castle is haunted. But the ghosts in Chateau Larcher aren't what Gabriel expects and he soon learns that skeletons aren't always scary and ghosts can tell the most interesting stories.Three. Easy. Steps. to. Fighting. Zombies. Aunt Perrine seemed very calm about everything. She hummed as she pulled a large, red book from the shelf. She set it down on the table. The book was bound in shiny, red scales and labeled in long anbsp;...

Title:The Monster Hunter's Manual
Author:Jessica Penot
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2014-06-27


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