The Mind Machine

The Mind Machine

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One day a highly advanced space ship shaped like a huge egg lands in Doug Rink's backyard. Doug soon learns that the entire universe folds in on itself every 13 billion years and time's UP! The good news is; There's a way out, but only if we can merge the human genome with the ship's alien genome. There's a catch-22. Before we can merge genetically and escape the folding, Doug must use the ship to cleanse the human genome of its highly violent tendencies and that means he must rid the world of all its weapons of mass destruction and make it so they never terrorize us again. Luckily, he gains the support of the President of the United States. The Mind Machine will guide you through the part of human evolution and history that is taking place today. Your own genetic makeup is valuable to us. Therefore, you need to get on board!... Ecology of Mind, printed in 1987, which sold around ten thousand copies and The Ownera#39;s Manual, an ebook, published in June, 2001. He authored two more ebooks, one about the GulfWar in 1991 and an unauthorized Star Wars ebook.

Title:The Mind Machine
Author:Michael Mathiesen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-03-01


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