The Midnight Swimmer

The Midnight Swimmer

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Spawned in the bleak poverty of an East Anglian fishing port, Catesby is a spy with a big anti-establishment chip on his shoulder. He loves his country, but despises the class who run it. Loathed by the Americans and trusted by the Russians, Catesby is sent to Havana and Washington to make clandestine contacts. London has authorised Catesby to offer Moscow a secret deal to break the Cuban Missile Crisis deadlock. But before that can happen, Catesby meets the Midnight Swimmer who has a chilling message for Washington. Once again, the author poses the fundamental question that few spy novelists answer: What is the greater crime? Betraying your country or betraying the person you love? A triangle of love and death that began in Berlin ends in Cuba. On one corner is a war disabled KGB general, on another corner is his unfulfilled wife a€b This sophisticated novel is full of twists and turns that merge historical fact with fiction. Sleaze and high politics literally share the same beds. A white-knuckle superpower standoff is played out against a backdrop of honey trap blackmail, Mafia contracts, assassination and Vatican scandal. The real blurs into the surreal as Chea€™s car surfs on the Havana seafront and Fidel takes the pitchera€™s mound against a professional baseball team.a#39;Frankly, the intelligence FEDORA provided about OMEGA was a shocking revelation...a#39; Boneswitched off the machine andlooked at Catesby. a#39;Who is OMEGA?a#39; a#39;Ita#39;s their codename forthe SovDirector ofOT. Ita#39;s the technical servicesanbsp;...

Title:The Midnight Swimmer
Author:Edward Wilson
Publisher:Arcadia Books Limited - 2012-01-12


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