The meaning is in the waiting

The meaning is in the waiting

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Arranged for daily reading in the hectic run-up to Christmas, this book will enable us to grow more fully into a way of being that is governed more by expectancy than by urgency, more focused on God's presence today than on some imagined future. Changing the focus of our restless, busy lives takes time and for most of us will be a lifetime's work, but we venture on this journey in companionship with the God who waits with us.Genesis 16.2 For further reading: Genesis 16.1a€“16 Imagine you have a broken washing machine, you call the washing machine repair service and wait, and wait, and wait but no one comes. In your desperation, you get out the tool kit and anbsp;...

Title:The meaning is in the waiting
Author:Paula Gooder
Publisher:Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd - 2008-01-01


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