The Magazine: The Complete Archives

The Magazine: The Complete Archives

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This ebook collects the nearly 300 stories that first appeared in The Magazine, an independent biweekly periodical for narrative non-fiction. It covers researchers qcrying wolf, q learning to emulate animal sounds; DIY medical gear, making prosthetics and other tools available more cheaply and to the developing world; a fever in Japan that leads to a new friendship; saving seeds to save the past; the plan to build a giant Lava Lamp in eastern Oregon; Portland's unicycle-riding, Darth Vader mask-wearing, flaming bagpipe player; a hidden library at MIT that contains one of the most extensive troves of science fiction and fantasy novels and magazines in the world; and far, far more.Shortly afterward, he bought an RC helicopter a€œand a bigger car and another helicopter and another helicopter, a€ Belinda says. The two purchased a keychain camera, attached it to one of Terrya#39;s helicopters, and flew it around the 14-foot- high ... Terrya#39;s first copter was a crudely built three-rotor chopper made from pieces of wood he cut using a jigsaw in their apartment buildinga#39;s shared laundry room.

Title:The Magazine: The Complete Archives
Author:Glenn Fleishman
Publisher:Aperiodical LLC - 2015-08-12


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