The Madness of It All

The Madness of It All

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qI cannot begin to count the number of times over the past 37 years that I have wished I had never heard of Vietnam, let alone fought in the Vietnam War. That experience has haunted my days. It has troubled my nights. It has shaped my identity and colored the way I see the world and everything in itq--from the Preface. W.D. Ehrhart, called qone of the great poets and writers of nonfiction produced by the Vietnam Warq by The Nation, here presents 43 essays, whose topics include not only the Gulf, Vietnam, and Korean wars, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, war and journalism, and American war poetry, but also junk mail, the Internet, the IRS, tugboats, drawbridges, race relations, the justice system, health care, and small town life in America, nicotine addiction, the bravado of youth, honesty and American culture, the rhetoric of national mythology, and presidential isolation, among others.essay on civil disobedience has become a model for war resisters from Mohandas Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr. So you ... War veterans, as if Vietnam veterans suffer from PTSD because we were not supported and appreciated enough.

Title:The Madness of It All
Author:W.D. Ehrhart
Publisher:McFarland - 2002-07-22


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