The Madman's Guide to Sarcastic Definitions

The Madman's Guide to Sarcastic Definitions

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How do you combat boredom? Write your own dictionary! And yes, it is as easy as it sounds, provided that you are a total smart ass or at least ten cents short of your personal dollar. Fortunately, the author just happens to be one, or the other, or both! Well, at least he has his moments. Really though, the creation of this book is more along the lines of a challenge. Having been told that he was so sarcastic that he could write a book about it, he decided to actually do it, and this book is the result. This book has been done in dictionary form for ease of subject, since sarcasm is not something that can necessarily be taught. It is more of a skill one develops for themselves. However, having a reference with a wisecrack for a multitude of different subjects at your disposal doesn't hurt, and therefore this book should be a good jumping off point for developing the skill. Always choose subjects that are not likely to get you into trouble, and keep in mind that you should use your best judgment all the same. Remember, this book has been written all in good fun.Deaf: What that new car stereo system you spent so much on is making you. Dealer: A vulture. Death: A dealera#39;s reward. Debatable: Just about anything. Debt : The ruin of us all. Decapitate: What doctors do in a sex change operation. Deceitful:anbsp;...

Title:The Madman's Guide to Sarcastic Definitions
Author:David Gudgeon
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-05


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