The Love-Shy Survival Guide

The Love-Shy Survival Guide

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qIn his groundbreaking book, Talmer Shockley (himself a love-shy individual) presents a thoroughly accessible and motivating read for those suffering from love-shyness... Pay attention to his words of wisdom. They will help you find the partner that you so richly deserveq - Nick Dubin, author of Asperger's Syndrome and Bullying For many people, romantic and sexual relationships are complex and cause feelings of anxiety. For people who are love-shy, this anxiety is so overwhelming that it can make finding a partner feel like an impossible dream. Although relatively unrecognised, and therefore often undiagnosed, love-shyness is a condition which causes an intense phobia of romantic and sexual situations. This book is designed to help Love-Shys overcome this fear and allow themselves to meet, date, and eventually maintain romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex. A self-confessed Love-Shy, Talmer Shockley explores the condition, its links with Asperger's Syndrome and how it differs from normal shyness. He gives candid advice on how to deal with being love-shy, make dating an enjoyable experience, and survive the a€œrelationship junglea€. While love-shyness is predominately a male problem, it can also affect women, and the book offers tips on relationship success for both sexes. Refreshingly honest and insightful, The Love-Shy Survival Guide provides essential advice for love-shy people wanting to overcome their anxiety and form successful romantic relationships.Are your clothes, crib and car the costume and set of a lonely guy who sits around all day playing video games? ... but get a style. just as you have a suit for job interviews and special occasions, buy clothes for going out clubbing and for dates. ... Buy and use shoe polish. ... Nice choppers give you a reason The Big Picture.

Title:The Love-Shy Survival Guide
Author:Talmer Shockley
Publisher:Jessica Kingsley Publishers - 2009-05-15


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