The Loony Bin Blues

The Loony Bin Blues

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Things haven't been going well at the Riverside Adolescent Psychiatric Center, and they're about to get worse. When Norman Chase opened a treatment center for troubled teens and started billing insurance companies for pills and talk, he was convinced he'd found the perfect business. For fifteen years his little hospital had been spitting out cash like a giant ATM, transforming Norman from a down-on-his-luck drug salesman in an aging Chevy to a multimillionaire CEO in a Ferrari. There were only two small problems: his patients and his staff. Welcome to qthe Loony Bin, q where everyone is yearning to escape, and three young patients are putting the finishing touches on a plot to relieve Norman of some of his wealth. With the click of a camera shutter they set their plan in motion, with hilariously unpredictable results. Set in Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia, and Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, qThe Loony Bin Bluesq is the story of a crime-gone-wrong that turns out to be just the therapy its young perpetrators and their victim need.The Next Generation Flies Over The Cuckooa#39;s Nest Greg Johnson. sell jumped down in the ... a€œWhat are you doing for the next 20 minutes?a€ a€œSame as Ia#39;ve been ... They threw the chests in the bed of his Silverado and set off. As they made their anbsp;...

Title:The Loony Bin Blues
Author:Greg Johnson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-07-01


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