The Long Journey Continues

The Long Journey Continues

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Man has the ability to change if he allows the positive spirit to dwell within him; even an evil heart can be changed. It is the spirit of man that defines the heart, and the heart dictates our action. These are lessons we must bear in mind as we learn more about the people who we elect for public office. They should be scrutinized when they head in the wrong direction and held to a higher standard of behavior than the ordinary citizen. They must lead us in a positive direction, and we must demand that their actions and deeds uplift people. These officials have a responsibility to put their best effort forward; they need to show everyone how good citizens should live and act within their communities, acting as role models. The Long Journey Continues aims to open the eyes of Americans citizens, tell us that we hold the key to our politiciansa€™ positions. We should never condone negativity in any form; we should expect more from the ones that seek our approval.... have advanced this far by relying upon God, there is and never will be any other force that can defeat the devil, except God. ... We can see the power of God being manifested daily in all parts of our world, we see the Power of God exposing the ... now is the time of exposure and all the dirt and filth that have been swept under the carpets are now being exposed. House cleaning is starting in the house of the Lord and everything that has been hidden in the dark will be exposed to theanbsp;...

Title:The Long Journey Continues
Author:James L. Bryant Jr.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-02-21


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