The Life of (A Single Parent) Brian!

The Life of (A Single Parent) Brian!

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What happens when after ten years of what you thought was a happy and normal family life your wife suddenly turns your world upside down and leaves, leaving you, heartbroken and in shock and with two expectant young children to care for and raise? First you hit the bottle, get seriously drunk and hit a downward spiral in free fall, heading for certain disaster. Then, once you've hit rock bottom, you take stock of the situation, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and begin the long and difficult climb out of the abyss, putting life together again piece by arduous piece. This is what happened to Brian Rowlands and this is his true story. Beginning with the end of his marriage, this book charts his and his children's journey along the long and very rocky road they encountered as they struggled to re-build their shattered lives and put some kind of stability and substance back in place. Filled with many highs and lows and told in an honest and open manner this book charts the last ten years in this single parent family's remarkable life. From heartbreak to happiness, through disastrous relationships, difficult medical problems and eleven different homes in five years, their story will entertain, enthrall and shock. Drawing the reader in, once started it is a book that the reader will want to go on reading, page after page, leaving you begging for more and wanting to know just what happens next.I know how much I hurt her and that is not how I like to treat people I am close to. My ... Another major change to life occurred when I had to put my car in for an MOT, it failing on a number of issues and ... In short, we got on our bikes and rode !

Title:The Life of (A Single Parent) Brian!
Author:Brian Rowlands
Publisher:Brian Rowlands - 2010-10


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