The Letter 'Kei'

The Letter 'Kei'

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I found a little boy last night, and I can only assume hea€™s lived on the street alone his entire life. Ia€™ve decided to take him in. Hea€™s definitely not like any kid Ia€™ve ever seen before. For one thing, he might be an angel. He has started to grow wings now, and his eyes are a strangely glowing red. Hea€™s so pale though, like hea€™s never even seen the sun. He seems lost and I know he has a lot to learn, but I think hea€™s got a good heart. I hope I can help him see how special he really is. *** Why am I like this? I feel like Ia€™m someonea€™s idea of a cruel joke. A demon with angel wings? How funny it must all be to thema€”but ita€™s not to me. I have to deal with this, trying to hide who I really am and not let the monster inside me get out. When it starts to take over, my eyes glow scarlet and I feel myself go out of control. I dona€™t understand why Ia€™m here, or what I am, but trying to fit in and be human is the only thing I can do. I hope no one notices me.Was that my fault too? a€œWell, a doga#39;s a big responsibility. And with the ... I know my Shasa is a good girl. Adam pulled into the driveway, edging carefully around the S2000a#39;s mirror, while my newest friend rested between my stomach and.

Title:The Letter 'Kei'
Author:Haley Salzburn
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-06-23


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