The Legacy of Mesopotamia

The Legacy of Mesopotamia

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Influence from Mesopotamia on adjacent civilizations has often been proposed on the basis of scattered similarities. For the first time a wide-ranging assessment from 3000 BC to the Middle Ages investigates how similarities arose in Egypt, Palestine, Anatolia, and Greece. The development of writing for accountancy, astronomy, devination, and belles lettres emanated from Mesopotamians who took their academic traditions into countries beyond their political control. Each country soon transformed what it received into its own, individual culture. When cuneiform writing disappeared, Babylonian cults and literature, now in Aramaic and Greek, flourished during the Roman Empire. The Manichaeans adapted the old traditions which then perished under persecution, but traces persist in Hermetic works, court narratives and romances, and in the Arabian Nights. When ancient Mesopotamia was rediscovered in the last century, British scholars were at the forefront of international research. Public excitement has been reflected in pictures and poems, films and fashion.101: see also El-Amama Amaseia (town in E Turkey) 117 Amasis dung of Egypt. ... of Adam) 68, 145 Abi -Nerglos (king of Characene) 44 abnu Kkinlu (manual on stones) 48 Abraham (patriarch, aka Abram) 3, 60, ... 158 Ahlamu (Aramaean tribe ) 147 Ahura-Mazda (Iranian god. ... 5 Alexander the Great (356-323 ac ) 14. 39.

Title:The Legacy of Mesopotamia
Author:Stephanie Dalley
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1998


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