The Late Poetry of the Lake Poets

The Late Poetry of the Lake Poets

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The long-established association of Romanticism with youth has resulted in the early poems of the Lake Poets being considered the most significant. Tim Fulford challenges the tendency to overlook the later poetry of no longer youthful poets, which has had the result of neglecting the Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey of the 1820s and leaving unexamined the three poets' rise to popularity in the 1830s and 1840s. He offers a fresh perspective on the Lake Poets as professional writers shaping long careers through new work as well as the republication of their early successes. The theme of lateness, incorporating revision, recollection, age and loss, is examined within contexts including gender, visual art, the commercial book market. Fulford investigates the Lake Poets' later poems for their impact now, while also exploring their historical effects in their own time and counting the costs of their omission from Romanticism.Indiansa#39; deaths in their Reductions could be justified because the Fathers could offer them baptism before they expired. ... 428a€”32) As in the Dedication to his daughter, Southey palliates death by identifying female innocence with heavenly spirit. Mooma ... Thus Yeruti, at the poema#39;s end, seems to slip free of the Christian paternalism that has caused and would now supply the ritual meaning of his death.

Title:The Late Poetry of the Lake Poets
Author:Tim Fulford
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2013-10-31


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