The Last Whisper in the Dark

The Last Whisper in the Dark

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Professional thief Terrier Rand hasna€™t gotten caught yet. Ita€™s only his conscience chasing at his heels. In the follow-up to Tom Piccirillia€™s acclaimed novel The Last Kind Words, prodigal thief Terrier Rand has come home to the family that has lawbreaking in its blood. With generations of Rands keeping secrets from the outside worlda€”not to mention from one anothera€”Terry is sure of one thing: He owes it to the woman he loved and lost to make sure her husband stays alive. Kimmya€™s husband, Terrya€™s old friend Chub, hasna€™t been seen since he supplied a getaway car for a heist that went wrong. When Terry investigates the ominous disappearance, he discovers that Chub was involved with a strange, violent gang of heavy hittersa€”guys who dona€™t take kindly to Terry asking questions. But before Terry can find his friend, a curvaceous divorcAce takes him for a walk on the wild side, estranged relatives pull him into their horror movie empire, his sister Dale sets her sights on Hollywood after scoring a hit viral video, and his own uncle recruits Terry to rip off his partner. In a world of larceny, grift, and fraud, no amount of loyaltya€”to friends, wives, or loversa€”can compete with the Rand family drama. Terry just wants to bring Chub home to his wife and child. Instead, hea€™s dodging mobsters, moguls, and murderers . . . and the truth about one crime of his own. The Last Whisper in the Dark takes readers on a wild, rollicking ride with an eclectic crowd of fascinating charactersa€”from a well-mannered killer who drives needles into his victimsa€™ brains to a young gangster struggling to live up to his fathera€™s expectations. Bonds of honor, bonds of blood, and betrayals of both make this the most powerful read yet from the heralded Tom Piccirilli. Praise for Tom Piccirillia€™s The Last Kind Words a€œPerfect crime fiction . . . a convincing world, a cast of compelling characters, and above all a great story.a€a€”Lee Child a€œA crime noir mystery as hard-boiled as any in recent memory, recalling the work of Chandler, Pelecanos and Connelly . . . Readers will be pinned to their seats until the last page is turned.a€a€”Bookreporter a€œAt once a dark and brooding page-turner and a heartfelt tale about the ties that bind.a€a€”Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Heartbroken a€œ[A] caustic thriller . . . The characters have strong voices and bristle with funny quirks.a€a€”The New York Times Book Review a€œ[Piccirilli] deserves a breakout novel and this just might be it.a€a€”Booklist (starred review) a€œFor the first time since The Godfather, a family of criminals has stolen my heart. This is a brilliant mix of love and violence, charm and corruption. I loved it.a€a€”Nancy Pickard, bestselling author of The Scent of Rain and Lightning From the Hardcover edition.They moved in perfect sync. They turned the ... I walked back to where Ia#39;d dropped the bag full of my sistera#39;s stuff and was surprised to see it was still there. ... make it back to my car. ... I drew my wallet, found the card, and pulled out my phone.

Title:The Last Whisper in the Dark
Author:Tom Piccirilli
Publisher:Bantam - 2013-07-09


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