The Last Village Smithy

The Last Village Smithy

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One of the large sliding doors on the south side of the shop was wide open and Henry went through it on a dead run followed closely by the angry ox. Henry ran completely through the shop and out an open door on the garage end. Luckily, the ox was slowed somewhat by its new iron shoes which didna€™t provide much traction on the hard concrete floor. But, it knew where Henry went and charged out the door after him. Chapter 3: the Ox Shoe Incident The next morning while Frank was doing the milking, Tex came slowly limping into the barn on three legs. One ear was badly torn and his white fur was caked with dried blood. a€œThank God youa€™re back. We had given you up for dead, a€ Frank told him. The rest of the milking would have to wait. Chapter 8: Frank Wooda€™s Muck-land Potatoes What was in that cabinet? What was so valuable or secretive that it needed to always be locked away? Moreover, why didna€™t Henry, who knew just about everything about the town, know what was inside? Or, was it a secret and he wasna€™t telling? As youthful curiosity will often insist, one day I just had to have an answer. Chapter 12: Town Hall Tales When the spray of water hit the fire and hot bricks, it instantly turned to a huge quantity of steam. The steam immediately changed direction and exploded out the top of the chimney. The steam explosion launched many bricks and one very startled fireman off the roof still clutching the writhing fire hose as if it was an enraged python with a bareback rider. Chapter 17: the Cellar Savers It would have been priceless to see the expression that must have come across the face of the cara€™s driver as his headlights caught the sight of that sled full of kids passing him and pulling ahead. Chapter 28: The Ripsled RidersIf splitting was needed, that was usually up to the user on an as-needed basis. ... Once started, a measure of manual control could be maintained by the amount of wood added from time to time, and the opening or closing of the combustion airanbsp;...

Title:The Last Village Smithy
Author:Ray Glabach
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-07-05


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