The Last Scion of Scoryn

The Last Scion of Scoryn

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The galaxy has changed over the past fifteen years. The Solon Impyre has fallen, replaced by a more feudal governing body known as the Octave. Johnny Hiro has left behind his life in House Napoli and lives on Humalia, a planet owned by Napoli's bitter enemy, House Argus. His old friend Admiral Maria Stokes has learned of a plot to kill Johnny and his family and rushes to warn them. Little does she know that their old enemy, Baron Bleudthoryn, has set in motion a powerplay from beyond the grave that will forever change history. Can the Hiro family find a way to not only save themselves, but the galaxy as well? Or will the Scoryn Hegeony return and subjugate humanity?Evidently Janori had not kept up with the maintenance of the building the way she should have. With a sense of anticipation and ... Even though this bird hadna#39;t flown in years, Johnny had taken very good care of her. With a final glance at the anbsp;...

Title:The Last Scion of Scoryn
Author:Christopher Wittkugle
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-04-22


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