The Last Resort

The Last Resort

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An Eighth Doctor adventure with Fitz and Anji. Fitz and Anji are used to finding themselves in different times, eras long before or long after the ones into which they were born. Ancient Egypt in the time of King Cheops, or the plains of the Wild West, should be nothing to them. But when these eras come equipped with Hilton hotels and luxury theme parks, it's a different matter. In the 1950s, the Good Time Travel Company has discovered time travel in a big way. It's now time tourism, in fact. The franchise to beat all franchises, this is the biggest boom industry of the twentieth century, and they're not going to let go of their profits easily. No matter what some Doctor guy has to say about the fragility of the time/space continuum. But the ensuing paradoxes mean that chaos is swiftly encroaching on the happy day trips to Roman orgies. Something has to be done, before it engulfs the whole of time...There was a record player, a radio, even a black-and-white TV with the antenna wired up to the roof. Up against the ... Several circuit diagrams in pencil were sellotaped to the wall above, and a soldering iron with its cord carefully coiled around the base hung from a hook. Next to the ... He could follow the trail of electrons along copper, the track of positrons along the saturnium coils of its QX No.4 valves.

Title:The Last Resort
Author:Paul Leonard
Publisher:BBC Digital - 2003-02-01


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