The Language of Inclusion and Exclusion in Immigration and Integration

The Language of Inclusion and Exclusion in Immigration and Integration

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This collection provides an overview of some of the most relevant concepts in the study of the language of inclusion and exclusion, specifically with a view to the functioning of nation-state categories. Categorizations, words, and phrases are constantly renewed with the intention to exclude (mostly) or to include (rarely), promulgating problematizations that highlight discursive distinctions between in-groups and out-groups. Such discursive constructions and the practices through which they are effectuated are sites of symbolic power, and their study reveals the workings of power. Historical analysis of the language of inclusion and exclusion can help elucidate contemporary transformations of discursive power. The chapters in this volume discuss forms of discursive problematization such as defining, claiming, legitimizing, expanding, sensationalization and suggestion, and it connects these to the discursive drawing of boundaries, focusing on discursive constructions of a€˜illegalitya€™, race, class, gender, immigrant integration and transnationalism. As state categorizations continuously differ, both the historical analysis of their genesis, functioning and transformation, and the contemporary analysis of their practical effectuation are crucial to an understanding of inclusion and exclusion. This book was originally published as a special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies.... policies (Schrover 2010): cultivating onea#39;s own cultural identity and culture, previously seen as a solution to social disadvantage, was now seen as a cause for that same disadvantage. ... In an essay in a Dutch newspaper, Anil Ramdas, a DutchSurinamese publicist, aptly summarized the Dutch minoritiesa#39; policy: a#39;In the past homesickness was subsidized, now the government wants to eradicate ... Why and when are migrantsa#39; attachments to their home country defined as a problem?

Title:The Language of Inclusion and Exclusion in Immigration and Integration
Author:Marlou Schrover, Willem Schinkel
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-09-04


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