The Killing of Jeremy Taylor

The Killing of Jeremy Taylor

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The Killing of Jeremy Taylor, Inspector Gravitt must solve the murder of the sexiest man in America, who was poisoned while flying his private plane. Jeremy Taylor, who was a rising movie star recently was not only voted the sexist man in America, but was offered the biggest movie deal of his career. After learning the news, he was flying up to San Francisco to see his girl friend when he crashed into the San Francisco Bay. Inspector Gravitt of the Special Investigations Division of the San Francisco Police Department was assigned to investigate this high profile accident. However, Gravitt quickly learned this was no accident, the actor, Jeremy Taylor was poisoned. As Gravitt and his staff begin to investigate the case, they discover many people had both motive and opportunity to kill Jeremy Taylor. As the major investigation continues, Gravitt falls in love and comes under investigation by Internal Affairs for another crime he becomes involved with. Soon after, two of the Special Investigators are shot at. At the same time he must deal with an important senator who is the father of Taylor's girlfriend and a very aggressive reporter.So, I gained access to Todda#39;s credit card number by sending a Trojan horse to him in an e-mail.a€ a€œA Trojan horse? What is that?a€ Braymen interrupts. a€œA Trojan horse is a program that is like a virus that you send to someone in an e-mailanbsp;...

Title:The Killing of Jeremy Taylor
Author:Jeffrey R. Allen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002


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