The Keeper's Companion

The Keeper's Companion

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[CALL OF CTHULHU ROLEPLAYING] qThe Keeper's Companionq is an invaluable resource for gamemasters. The material includes advice for new keepers, a lengthy study of Mythos artifacts, a learned discussion of many occult books, an up-to-the-moment description of every facet of forensic medicine, a thorough revision and expansion of the game skills (including nearly two dozen new ones), and the entire text of qThe Keeper's Compendium, q somewhat updated -- forbidden books, secret cults, alien races, and mysterious places. Additional short essays and features round out this book -- more than 100, 000 words!DODGE (DEX x2%) Allows an investigator to instinctively evade blows, thrown missiles, surprise attacks, and so forth. ... The character learns how to care for, train, and control sled teams; how to repair traces and sleds; how to load andanbsp;...

Title:The Keeper's Companion
Author:Keith Herber
Publisher:Chaosium Inc. - 2003-09


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