The Justice Club

The Justice Club

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Former Marine sniper and CIA target man Atticus Steed, turned professional hit man, now only takes down special targets...people who for one reason or another have literally gotten away with murder. Directed by an unknown, unseen employer who identifies himself simply as Omega, Steed receives his sketchy instructions for the hits via text message from a burner phone. But who is Atticus Steed, really? And how does his employer gain knowledge about cases from all over the country...cases involving those murderers who for whatever reason have been set free by the system? Finally, who is funding the kind of money that pays the best hit man out there? Traveling with Steed is his beautiful lady friend, Maria Cortez, who believes from Atticusa€™ night and day surveillance, he is simply a high-priced private investigator for a large nationwide detective firm. Only days after they met two years before and fell in love, she gave up a career to go on the road with him, finding herself enjoying not only their ever-developing relationship but a lavish lifestyle made possible by the man about whom she actually knows very little. But as she now seems to be tiring of the hotels, boredom and nomadic life, she doesna€™t realize that Atticusa€™ non-committal attitude in their relationship is actually his way of keeping her from danger. Hot on Steeda€™s trail are two tenacious Special Agents for the FBI, John Hickcock and Maggie Larsen, who having figured out who he is, find that their investigation of him leads them to the very hierarchy of the Department of Justice. As the agents continue tracking Steed, they are suddenly alarmed to learn the name of his next target. But will Steed carry out the hit? If he refuses, he knows there will be a new and final target in the making. Him. Will you hope he is caught or root for him to get away? Down to the last chapter, you still may not have your mind made up.What they would have to worry about come four-thirty was a tail on his Jeep Wrangler and on her Hyundai when they left for the day. Finding that their electronic entry passes still worked, which gave them a good idea they still had jobs, theyanbsp;...

Title:The Justice Club
Author:Lee Martin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-06-13


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