The Jesus Incident

The Jesus Incident

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A determined group of colonists are attempting to establish a bridgehead on the planet Pandora, despite the savagery of the native lifeforms, as deadly as they are inhospitable. But they have more to deal with than just murderous aliens: their ship's computer has been given artificial consciousness and has decided that it is a God. Now it is insisting - with all the not inconsiderable force of its impressive array of armaments to back it up - that the colonists find appropriate ways to worship It .a€œWea#39;ve installed the manual override to insure that no random signal opensyour hatch. Youa#39;ll have to undog it by hand every time ya#39;open it.a€ No surprises there, Thomas thought. That had been Waelaa#39;s idea. There were suspicions thatthe kelpanbsp;...

Title:The Jesus Incident
Author:Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-29


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