The J & P Transformer Book

The J & P Transformer Book

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The JaP Transformer Book, 11th Edition deals with the design, installation, and maintenance of transformers. The book contains technical information, tables, calculations, diagrams, and illustrations based on information supplied by transformer manufacturers and related industries. It reviews fundamental transformer principles, the magnetic circuit, the characteristics of, and general types of transformers. The text contains tables showing the information that should be given to the transformer manufacturer to be used as a basis in preparing quotations. Transformer designs include three important distinct circuits to minimize losses: the electric, the magnetic, and the dielectric circuits. The book emphasizes that the maximum efficiency of any transformer occurs at the load at which the iron loss equals the copper loss. The text also discusses how the maximum overall operating economy of transformer substations, especially those with several transformers operating in parallel, can be effected by reducing the total transformation losses to a minimum under all loading conditions. The book is an essential reference for architects, system planners, or electrical engineers concerned with design, installation, and maintenance of transformers. It can also prove useful for electrical engineering students.In single-phase transformers, positive, negative and zero phase sequence impedances are the same when the circuit ... and these are summarised in Figure A5.9 for the different three-phase transformer connections and conditions of earthing.

Title:The J & P Transformer Book
Author:A. C. Franklin, D. P. Franklin
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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