The Inter-War Crisis

The Inter-War Crisis

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The inter-war years were, at the time, perceived to be years of crisis across the world. The First World War, a€˜the war to end all warsa€™, had solved nothing and its legacy was a world full of unresolved disputes and manifest ambiguities. Overy examines the Russian Revolution and its aftermath, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the subsequent economic crisis which struck at the very foundations of the capitalist world, and seeks to explain why dictatorships came to supplant democracy in Italy, Spain, Germany, the Baltic States and the Balkans, and why the world slid into war once more in 1939.Overy, R.J. (2004) The Dictators: Hitlera#39;s Germany and Stalina#39;s Russia, Allen Lane. Paxton, R. (2004) The ... Adamthwaite, A.(1995) Grandeur and Misery: Francea#39;sBidfor PowerinEurope, 1914a€“1940, Arnold. Bell, P.M. ... Betts, R.F. (1990 )France and Decolonisation 1900a€“1960, Macmillan. Bialer, U. (1980) ... (1989) Paths to War: Essays on the Origins of the Second World War, Macmillan. Boyce, R. andanbsp;...

Title:The Inter-War Crisis
Author:R. J. Overy
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-06-11


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