The Instruction Manual for Receiving God

The Instruction Manual for Receiving God

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What would it feel like if you realized that from the very beginning, you were designed to look for, to find, and to receive God? That you were designed to awaken to reality? How would it feel to know that this would definitely happen in your lifetime, because you were made to accomplish this very thing? Rather than encouraging us to seek God, Jason Shulman believes we need only make ourselves available to receive God, who is always present and awaiting us. In The Instruction Manual for Receiving God, you will encounter the presence of God through 108 seed passages a€”profound and insightful statements that are meant to unlock your mind and open your heart. Shulman offers generous reflection of each seed passage, illuminating the depth and meaning of its precious message. Reading this book is like entering a personal sanctuary where you will: Experience complete liberationa€”the act of being truly humanFeel the constant rain of compassion washing over your spiritual life and receive the sacred blessings that are endlessly offered by reality itselfLearn practical ways to connect to the Divine each and every day Here, Jason Shulman offers contemplations that access the reality of God, who is always knocking at the door of our hearts, and whose voice is always speaking. Whether read cover-to-cover or opened to a random verse for inspiration, The Instruction Manual for Receiving God is a book readers of all faiths will cherish and return to time and again.Jason Shulman. We are all in the same boata€”a small boat on a large and mysterious ocean. This awakened compassion, which can be our constant companion if we choose it, makes life, just as it is, worth living.

Title:The Instruction Manual for Receiving God
Author:Jason Shulman
Publisher:Sounds True - 2006-10-01


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