The Impulse Economy

The Impulse Economy

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We live in a world where our mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves. We depend on them for instant connections to entertainment, social media, news, and deals. The phone has become our ticket, loyalty card, and catchall wallet. Networks are faster, phones are smarter, and the mobile shopper is ready to spend money now. What can a business do to maximize the mobile buying power of the new impulse consumer? Gary Schwartz has written a groundbreaking book that outlines the history of the mobile industry and shows just how businesses can build up their mobile platforms to maximize online sales. Hea€™ll explain: a€c How to minimize barriers between the shopper and a sale. a€c How marketers can connect and, more important, reconnect with loyal shoppers. a€c The technology available nowa€”and whata€™s coming soona€”and how to pick a solution that will deliver results. But like Blink or Freakonomics, this isna€™t just a book for businesses. Ita€™s also an eye-opening look into the ways our economy is changing every second of every day. Gary Schwartz analyzes a phenomenon thata€™s modifying peoplea€™s actions and challenges our assumptions about our behavior as consumers. Anyone interested in the ways our behavior as shoppers is changinga€”and what we can do to better harness this opportunitya€”will find this book to be essential reading.started to use Applespeak to redefine all its a€œportablesa€ (starting with the clamshell MacBook Air) as a€œmobile.a€ Here are the questions to ... Over the next five years, Ericsson managed to reduce the battery size to eighty pounds. It took thirty moreanbsp;...

Title:The Impulse Economy
Author:Gary Schwartz
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-11-01


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