The Ignition Switch from Hell

The Ignition Switch from Hell

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In 2014, automakers in the United States more than doubled their previous all-time record for automotive safety recalls. The most prominent recall was for a defective ignition switch in General Motors vehicles that caused cars to stall and airbags to fail in a crash, prompting a legal, financial and public relations nightmare for the company. qThe Ignition Switch from Hellq examines the engineering, managerial and supplier relations problems that led to the defective part. The book provides suggestions on how GM management can improve vehicle quality assurance, including case studies of quality assurance systems from Japanese suppliers.Deming Prize company definition for product reliability Reliability is the probability of the product being kept in use free of ... This text contains 28 essential strategies for leading with integrity and is a must read study guide for all GM and supplier employees. ... Robert S. McNamara joined the Ford Motor Company in 1946 after four years with the Army Air Force, serving in the Office of Statistical Control.

Title:The Ignition Switch from Hell
Author:Lawrence P. Sullivan - 2015-04-26


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