The Ice Cold Art Show

The Ice Cold Art Show

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The mission is to prevent the leader of a major drug cartel from abandoning his illegal operation thereby upsetting the status quo in the war on drugs. Major economies are financially dependent of the controlled flow of narcotics and the super secret international organization know as qThe Processq has fielded a team of contractors to thwart the cartel leader's plans to replace his income through other means. As they pursue their goal the team encounters stolen Nazi art, super fast boats, cold temperatures and they learn of the danger in trusting their lives to vehicles totally controlled by computer.She had done a quick study of the manual the night before and narrowed those things important to the mission down to just a half dozen or so, ... 121.1 Aida turned the dial on her top radio and heard the controller talking to AlvarezE¼s pilot, a€œDassault Falcon lima, quebec, juliett, bravo, ... a€œJuliett, bravo, whiskey, radar contact.

Title:The Ice Cold Art Show
Author:Rick Fontes - 2015-04-14


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