The HUMAN Bible: The Neutral Bible

The HUMAN Bible: The Neutral Bible

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The brand new self-help book that is the ultimate in being pro-human - the ultimate in humanism(!) - with the new subject-theme of qBe good, be neutral ... but don't be badq. With brand new a€œHow To Be ... a€ subject-lessons: Supreme Super Power: The Secret Ultimate Power [ The Most Powerful New Human Subject-Lessons For Greatness, Fame, Fortune, And Power ] ( Created By And Given By John Rosario / Rex Supreme ) [p. 374] Super-Human: How To Become A Super Human(-Being) [ Become The Super-Human Version Of Yourself ] [p. 538] Human-God: How To Become Your Own God (A Self-God) [p. 558] Human-God: How To Be A Human-God (A Demi-God) [p. 566] Billionaire: How To Become A Billionaire (Become Billionaire-Rich, Famous a Powerful) [p. 586] THAT'S RIGHT! LEARN HOW TO BECOME A BILLIONAIRE! Ita€™s humankind reformed, perfected and made superior (to its previous, regular self)!He told me that I was a€œjiffeda€ by Rent-A-Center and Radio Shacka#39;s repair service and internet hardware installation will cost me in hundreds (of dollars). I had finally discovered the truth but couldna#39;t have anything done because I just couldna#39; tanbsp;...

Title:The HUMAN Bible: The Neutral Bible
Author:Rex Supreme
Publisher:Author House - 2012-10-01


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